What is Hiding on your PC? Shocking Facts about your Private Info!

Are you aware of the fact that your computer not only stores your files, documents, images and important write-ups but also everything that you do once you turn your computer on up to the time you turned it off? Everything, from the documents you have written, browser you have used, sites you have visited, the programs you have opened and used, even the passwords not just for your social networking sites but also your bank accounts and other important online passkeys are being stored and even remembered by your computer. Continue reading

Your Computer Remembers Everything You Do: Are you Protected?

Yes. Your computer definitely remembers everything you do. And by everything, it means every single file, password, login, data, image, and browser history saved, downloaded or deleted from your computer. Are you really protected? Anyone that uses your computer has the power to know everything about you, your logins and access codes and track your session when you have used your computer. Your personal login for your online banking transactions or the passwords for your networking sites can be accessed by another person just by clicking some things in your computer, even if you didn’t tell them anything about your transactions at all. Continue reading