Find out How to make your PC Run like New!

All computer users experience, in one way or another, a decline in their computer’s overall performance. This problem can be connected to how the computer was used and how well it was maintained. This may be the normal wear and tear of the computer or some other reasons. However, there are about a gazillion things that you can do to optimize and make your computer run like new because a computer, like any other machine, also needs regular tweaking and maintenance. Regularly maintaining a computer enhances the computer’s performance and can be made to run like new. Continue reading

Is It Time to Upgrade Your PC? Read This and Be Sure!

There are many reasons why your computer is running slow. It is often caused by virus and malwares or sometimes the computer system got too many things to run and maintain running on a daily basis. Maintaining your computer is one of computer’s least favorite parts of computer ownership. Nobody enjoys spending their time in mundane tasks of scanning and updating their computer, defragging, backing up important files, and various duties to make the computer function the way it is supposed to. This article will help you determine if you need to upgrade your computer or just maintain it properly to boost up its computing performance.

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Don’t Let Sidebars Slow You Down

When your computer is running on operating systems like Windows Vista or Windows 7, it contains features called Windows Sidebar and Gadgets that can be found on the side of the desktop. Then Windows Desktop Gadget, commonly known as Windows sidebar in Windows Vista, is an engine for widgets for Microsoft. It was first introduced in Microsoft Vista operating system, embedded with the operating system itself. It features a sidebar located at the side of the desktop. The gadgets, which are the widgets in the operating system, can perform many different jobs like displaying the battery meter or the CPU’s current usage. Continue reading

The Only Thing Slowing Down your Computer is you!

One of the top things in a computer users top priority list is having a fast computer. In times like this, a fast performing computer comes in handy but some people just don’t know how to use the computer properly thus making the computer slow. Yes, the only thing that is slowing your computer down is you. There are plenty of common mistakes that computer users commit without even knowing that they’re doing things wrong. In this article, we’re going to tackle the things that could be done to prevent a computer to work slowly. Continue reading