The Amazing Changes from Windows XP to Windows 7

When the new Windows 7 arrived and opened in 2009, many users were wary and pessimistic to change and upgrade from their old and trusty Windows XP due to the Windows Vista fiasco. The Windows XP is by far the best operating system that Windows produced, even with Vista around. However, when the Windows 7 arrived, a lot of rumors have gone out about it being cool and sleek, fast and nicer. A lot of computer users took sides as to upgrade to Windows 7 or stay loyal to their trusty Windows XP. If you’re one of those people who would want more information about the Windows 7 and why you should switch to it, here’s an article that will help you. Continue reading

A Well-Known Problem That’s Been Driving Windows 7 Users Crazy

Since the tech-giant Microsoft released their latest Windows operating system Windows 7, a lot of people jumped out and grabbed a copy for their computer, upgrading their years-old Windows XP or updating from their crappy version of Windows Vista. Windows 7 operating system was viewed as very promising. It was considered as the best operating system yet since Windows XP. Windows 7 testers proved that the new operating was faster, sleek, clean and efficient. It changes the way users feel about their computing experience. The new operating system was packed with new and amazing features that any previous Windows operating system users wouldn’t want to miss out. Windows 7 has been very well reviewed, and most techie-sites are happy with the new release especially when it is compared to the Windows Vista. Continue reading