Staying Safe with IE9

Finally!!  After Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 is here and this time the Microsoft has opened it for everyone without so much as a problem so far. After so many previous versions with many flaws, Microsoft released a new and powerful browser that can blow your mind. Internet Explorer 9 was just released and the users are still playing with its user interface from Microsoft. This new web browser is described by many reviewers as the fastest, cleanest and smoothest version ever released by Microsoft. It really suits the Windows 7 operating system very well with its chrome look and feel. Continue reading

Who is Trying to Steal Your Credit Card Numbers?

Are you aware that the information you leave on your computer can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world? These types of information can be your very personal bank account, credit card number, passwords, access codes, logins and more. Any information entered in a computer is saved by the computer for further use next time. Things like passwords and logins are commonly remembered by the computer so that the next time you log into a site, you don’t have to re-type those access codes again. These kinds of information can be obtained by anyone even without touching your computer. Continue reading

Processes and Programs are Two Important Parts of your PC!

In the computer world, there are lots of things and computer stuff that an average user doesn’t know or is just unaware of the fact that it is there in the first place. Some know what they are but some also doesn’t really know what they are or what they do. Take the computer program and the computer process for example. What are they? How do they differ? Which is more important? Are they really necessary in a computer? What’s really the difference between the two and how do they function at all? Continue reading

Your Computer Remembers Everything You Do: Are you Protected?

Yes. Your computer definitely remembers everything you do. And by everything, it means every single file, password, login, data, image, and browser history saved, downloaded or deleted from your computer. Are you really protected? Anyone that uses your computer has the power to know everything about you, your logins and access codes and track your session when you have used your computer. Your personal login for your online banking transactions or the passwords for your networking sites can be accessed by another person just by clicking some things in your computer, even if you didn’t tell them anything about your transactions at all. Continue reading

Windows Restore Point is Your Safety Net

At some point in time, users may experience problems on their computers that just popped up due to newly installed software or that an update of a device driver created problems on the computer. A compatibility issue may arise during a time that the computer was supposed to be working well and the problem is not about virus or anything like that. One of the most common solutions computer users to resolve the problems is to restore the computer into a state which the computer was having before it got problems. This trick is known to resolve almost all computer problems that has arisen in a short time that the user doesn’t know how to fix. Continue reading