How to Find Windows 7 Drivers

Microsoft has evolved their systems in the last few years, making the Windows 7 its latest and most advanced operating system in the world of personal computers. Unlike Windows Vista who brought new features in it which was released before the Windows 7, the Windows 7 was created with the intention of being focused and being compatible with the applications and components that the Windows Vista was compatible already. The Windows 7 has with new features embedded with it such as the advances in handwriting recognition and touch, supports for virtual hard drive improved performance on both multi-core processors and boot performance. The interface of the operating system dramatically improved in Windows 7 with the ability to pin applications to the taskbar and the taskbar itself also permits reordering of the taskbar buttons. The Windows 7 was created as a faster operating system with improved functionality and personalized touch. Continue reading

How to Use Your PC to Make Phone Calls

Yes it is possible now – calling someone from across the world using just the computer and an internet connection. There are plenty of programs now that supports pc to pc call making the world the impossible connection now possible and simple to do. The world is getting smaller and smaller with the power of being online. If you are one of those people who are away from their loved ones, now it is possible to connect to and see them by doing video calls over the web. This article is to help you set up your computer to make calls from your computer. Continue reading

Six Common-Sense Security Steps that Every Computer User Must Take

In the modern times like this a computer is one of the most necessary machines a person could ever have. It is used for safekeeping files, managing the business, storage for photos and important documents, videos and a whole lot more. But having a computer also requires that the user take necessary precaution against computer problem attacks such as viruses and other malware, online scams and information security. Every day, more than a thousand people are being scammed all over the world through the internet. This happens because most users do care much on what information they share online. Continue reading

The Dangers of Bit Torrent and File Sharing

Have tried to get movies and stuff from the internet and then realized that the downloaded data are just crap and is not the real file that you wanted all along? Have you ever experienced downloading a video and when you tried to watch it just showed you an old piece of movie that was in a different language and is not at all related to the title? Those are just two of the possible things that can happen when using Bit Torrent or file sharing. One of the hyped and widely used methods of file sharing over the web is the use of Bit Torrent. Continue reading

The Hidden History in your Web Browser

A web browser is a software program or application used for getting, presenting and sending lots of information from resources available on the World Wide Web. Browsers interpret the coding language of the Web in graphical form, showing the translation rather than the coding. By this method, it allows everyone to browse the World Wide Web by the simple pointing and clicking navigation. Although the web browsers are primarily created to access the internet, they can also be used to access data and information provided by web servers in some private networks and other systems. Continue reading

The Hottest Windows 7 Optimization Tips

Microsoft has been receiving so much complaints from their Windows Vista operating system compared to any other previous ones they have released. It’s downsides as a new operating system almost made the old Windows XP flawless. In a short span of time, the Company released a better one, a much faster and efficient operating system known now as the popular Windows 7. As Windows 7 share lots of the previous Vista’s core tech, it doesn’t seem appropriate to even call it just a Vista service pack. No, Windows 7 is the operating system Windows Vista should have been. Clean and glossy graphics and interface with a very significant difference in speed and performance compared to the crappy Vista. Windows 7 is the Microsoft’s eye candy. Continue reading

The Real History of Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are a kind of online promotion on the World Wide Web for the purpose of profit-maximizing web traffic or acquiring email addresses. It operates when websites unfold a new browser window to show advertisements. It normally uses JavaScript but it can be created in other means also. It acquired its name because of its nature that suddenly pops out of nowhere and into the screen giving hints on what you should do or suggesting clicking on buttons it has. Continue reading

The Three Scans that Every Computer Users Should Not Live Without

So you have a computer. Whether it is newly acquired or not, it is your responsibility to take care of it so you will have the best use of the machine. Aside from not spilling any liquids or tiny solid fragments like bread crumbs onto the keyboard or the monitor and maintaining a good ventilation, one must also maintain some up-to-date scanners for the protection of the stored files, programs and others softwares against the ever attacking computer viruses, malwares and other harmful programs that are over the internet. Continue reading

The Truth about Slow Internet Speeds

If you have been wondering why your computer’s internet speed is slow, you must first know if the internet service provider that you got has a fast connection installed in your computer. If they did install the fast one, then you must check the computer’s system to see if it is up for the internet speed. The computer itself affects the internet speed in many different ways. Slow internet speed doesn’t have to be because of the internet service provider. Oftentimes, the internet’s speed is due to hidden factors that are in your computer that you need to know about. Continue reading