The Three Scans that Every Computer Users Should Not Live Without

So you have a computer. Whether it is newly acquired or not, it is your responsibility to take care of it so you will have the best use of the machine. Aside from not spilling any liquids or tiny solid fragments like bread crumbs onto the keyboard or the monitor and maintaining a good ventilation, one must also maintain some up-to-date scanners for the protection of the stored files, programs and others softwares against the ever attacking computer viruses, malwares and other harmful programs that are over the internet. Continue reading

When Are Registry Scans Necessary?

The computer is composed of different components hardware and software alike to perform the way it should be. Among these components is the Windows Registry. The windows registry is a hierarchical database that serves as a central depot where the configuration settings and all other options are kept on Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and 7. In other words, the windows registry is the location where the computer’s settings and configurations are stored and accessed. It contains the settings for any application to run in the operating system and provides means to access profiling the system performance. It also determines the settings as to what and how the computer’s system may look and feel. Continue reading