Installing Drivers for Optimizing Windows

We usually have to reinstall Windows after every six months or so just for the sake of improving the performance of operating systems. Pirated Copies of Windows create frequent problem for users as they get infected with malicious software and Trojans that affect overall performance of the system. For that reason, methods should be adopted so as to avoid these problems in the future and to elevate the performance of the operating system as a whole. This article will give the users a walkthrough of installing software and keeping them up to date.


Getting rid of an un-licensed Windows copy

The first step of any user should be to un-install the pirated version of Windows from the computer and install a genuine copy. For this purpose, a user can access Microsoft’s website for downloading the original version. Most university students are given a Microsoft ID these days for downloading Windows 7 directly on their computers free of cost.


Installing drivers

After a user has installed a fresh copy of genuine Windows, it is time to install the different drivers and softwares that will be needed. Some drivers are optional whereas, others are mandatory softwares that are linked to the Windows’s requirements, and need to be installed.

Install the sound and display drivers for Windows 7 and restart the computer as you do.

Install other software like the Microsoft Office. The computer will be restarted occasionally. It is important to keep in mind that a user puts his or her name in the credentials tab of the Windows and Microsoft Office. Next in line is the installation of a genuine copy of an Antivirus software that can receive regular updates from the server.

After a user has finished installing the software, it is now time to update them. Turn off Windows firewall for the programs that you want to update. This can be done by double clicking on the Control Panel typing ‘firewall’ in the search bar. Turn off the general windows firewall by unchecking the green icon. Now, proceed towards the programs tab to turn off firewall for the programs individually. Uncheck the options one by one and restart the computer. You are now ready to install updates for the programs.

Update drivers to keep your PC efficient and healthy

The efficiency of your computer must be high so that it can help you to achieve the targets. You have different parameters to check while you are actually looking for the ways for improving the performance of your PC. To enhance the performance of your PC, the first and foremost thing you need to do is scan the computer or laptop to check for some unwanted file or any virus that can hamper your PC’s performance. Thus, it is quite essential to update the antivirus which can help to tackle any kind of virus and also keep the system safe. Also, few people do not bother to update the computer drivers on regular basis. Like the window updates, it’s quite essential to update the drivers periodically. The drivers are quite an essential part of the windows system and thus influence the performance of your PC. Continue reading

How to Find Windows 7 Drivers

Microsoft has evolved their systems in the last few years, making the Windows 7 its latest and most advanced operating system in the world of personal computers. Unlike Windows Vista who brought new features in it which was released before the Windows 7, the Windows 7 was created with the intention of being focused and being compatible with the applications and components that the Windows Vista was compatible already. The Windows 7 has with new features embedded with it such as the advances in handwriting recognition and touch, supports for virtual hard drive improved performance on both multi-core processors and boot performance. The interface of the operating system dramatically improved in Windows 7 with the ability to pin applications to the taskbar and the taskbar itself also permits reordering of the taskbar buttons. The Windows 7 was created as a faster operating system with improved functionality and personalized touch. Continue reading

The Best Way to Get New Drivers for your Computer Hardware

Most of the time computer hardware manufacturers advise you to download the latest driver software for each device on a regular basis to keep your computer running smoothly. A driver or a device driver is a program or software created to control the device attached to the computer. It serves as the communication gateway between the computer and the device for proper function and usage. Every device in the computer needs a driver for its full functionality to be used properly. A device without a driver installed in the computer cannot respond or would not work. Sometimes it may function because of a generic driver embedded in the operating system that is compatible with the device. Continue reading

Anyone Can Install New Drivers without Fear or Worry

Oftentimes, when you buy a new hardware device for your computer, it comes along with a device driver disc. If you lose the disc, you can always download the same copy from the web to be installed in your computer. Device drivers may be small programs for the computer but their importance is so big that they play a huge role as to how the computer functions as a whole machine. Drivers are programs that are intended to control the hardware components in the computer. They serve as the communication line between the central processing unit and the device that is attached to the computer. Continue reading

Finding Drivers Can be More Dangerous than You Think

As you already know, device drivers are very necessary part of the Windows operating system regardless of what version you have in your computer. The drivers are the ones that allow users to control, manipulate and manage the devices connected to the computer system. The device drivers open the communication line between the user and the computer for optimum performance. If the drivers are correctly installed are always updated, your device will function at its full potential. The operating system will run smoothly and computer problems or errors should not surface. However, if the wrong device driver was installed, problems will rise. Continue reading