Virus or Malware: What is the Difference?

Viruses, Trojans, spyware, bots and worms are all part of a class of computer software called malware. Malware or malicious software is a group of codes or a software that is specifically created to cause damage, disruption, stealing of information or any other malicious intent that is being distributed over networks, computers and online. Malware and virus are oftentimes used interchangeably when discussing the typical or general computer infections. In the last few years or so, being able to determine for the purpose of eradication of malware or virus requires the right malware/virus removal program. Moreover, malware comes in many and different forms, even if they are slightly different from another, can still do damage, interruption or corruption to the normal computer usage. Continue reading

Scheduling PC Scans – How much is too much?

There are various ways to clean and optimize a computer today. Different types of scanners with different results are available and just right at your fingertips. Defragmenting, registry cleaning and scanning, overall computer scans, anti-malware scans. How often should you do that? Before doing anything, we should first take a look at each of these kinds of computer optimizers to know what they do and determine how often we should do it to the computer. You might just discover some facts about each of them that will help you on how to maintain your computer. Continue reading