Drive-By Downloads: Avoid these Dangerous Attacks Online

Web pages with hidden traps are growing at a very alarming rate nowadays. A new tactic has been spreading malware from the internet into unsuspecting users that downloads software from the web to their computers. Cyber crooks use this method to spread their malware via emails and spam advertisements that may be clicked without prior malware protection. Oftentimes, one out of ten spam advertisement emails is loaded with malware. Usually, these malware-loaded emails or software are designed to put those compromised computers under the control and access of hackers. This tactic is commonly known as drive-by download. A drive-by download indicates three things in general but each thing concerns of unintended download of a computer application or software from the internet. Continue reading

Top Five Most Annoying Malware Infections

Of all the thousands of malicious software ever to swim the tides of the internet, there are five that I consider most common and most annoying of all. They are the malware types that are commonly called browser redirects, adware, malware infections that will force a countdown to restart, malwares that slows down the computer significantly once it gets infected, and the malwares that slows down the internet speed of the computer to a tediously annoying rate. The days of deleting malwares just by a simple scan and remove in the computer are already long gone as the modern malware has evolved into somewhat nasty bugs in the computing world.

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Virus or Malware: What is the Difference?

Viruses, Trojans, spyware, bots and worms are all part of a class of computer software called malware. Malware or malicious software is a group of codes or a software that is specifically created to cause damage, disruption, stealing of information or any other malicious intent that is being distributed over networks, computers and online. Malware and virus are oftentimes used interchangeably when discussing the typical or general computer infections. In the last few years or so, being able to determine for the purpose of eradication of malware or virus requires the right malware/virus removal program. Moreover, malware comes in many and different forms, even if they are slightly different from another, can still do damage, interruption or corruption to the normal computer usage. Continue reading

A Five Minute Trick to Optimize Windows

Ever wonder how to improve speed and overall performance of your computer? Having a computer doesn’t just mean that you’ll just have to use it. It also means that you have to maintain the system for a good performing computer. This article will tell you some tricks on how to optimize your current Windows operating system for a better performance. Continue reading