Improve Computer Load Times by Easily Editing Startup Items

Are you having a computer that takes a long time to be able to be used when turned on? Have you ever tried to turn on your machine and it took more than 10 minutes to load up and you’re in a hurry? Do you have a  computer that, when it was new it loads up so fast you don’t have any problems with it, but after a year or so it becomes slower even if you have bought the latest, most updated anti-virus and anti-malware program there is in the internet? If your answer is yes, then you could probably have too much startup items that aren’t needed but is running whenever you turn your computer on. This article can, in one way or another, help you boost up computer’s load times by editing the startup items. Continue reading

Two-Minute Technique to Improve Startup Speeds

Wondering why starting your computer takes a lot of time? Have you ever asked yourself what has happened to your supposed-to-be fast computer, now that it takes more than five minutes to load up and allow you to navigate the desktop? It is quite annoying when you are hurrying up on doing something online but your machine took ages to finish starting up as it tries to run programs you don’t really need to use at that precise moment. Those programs that load up when you turn your computer on are called startup programs or startup items.

Startup items are the programs that are enabled to automatically run whenever you start to use your computer. These items can be important but others are not necessarily needed every time your computer is turned on. It generally slows your computer down by a multitude as the computer simultaneously runs all those items while boosting itself up. That is the time you have to wait for the computer to finish the entire task while you sit down, helpless and getting annoyed by the minute. This easy, anyone-can-do-it, two-minute technique to improve startup speed is very effective. Continue reading