Why is Spyware so Hard to Delete?

First of all, a spyware is a program that was created with the purpose of collecting bits of information about the computer and the user. It is a program which can be installed without notice and will go unnoticed if the users are not careful or if they do not know how to detect these types of malware. Generally speaking, spyware and malware gets into your computer, commonly to get money from you. Malware and Spyware start advancing in the year 2008. It continues to ameliorate and a lot of companies had been hacked because of indisposed data security. Spammers created an affinity for spamming through emails and application services. They make elicit videos and give it a title as interesting as possible to make a curious user activate it. The bad news is that the new breed of malware is almost invisible by current antivirus software. During this time, a collection of contaminated computers or bots that have been seized by Hackers and are used to perform malicious tasks or functions were accountable for 91% of all spam, and for email produced malware carried in links to vindictive websites. Continue reading

What Goes On When You Start Your Computer?

What really happens when you turn on your computer? This article will explain to you step by step the things that consequently happen when power is allowed to enter the computer system. When power is first applied to the machine as the turning on of the computer, it all starts with the passing of electricity to the motherboard and the Basic Input/output System – the component that controls how devices in the computer communicate with each other. As the power passes through all of the other computer system hardware, The BIOS checks up on each of these parts to verify that each is physically able to relay and receive communication to and from other computer parts properly, among a few other basic tests. Continue reading

A Well-Known Problem That’s Been Driving Windows 7 Users Crazy

Since the tech-giant Microsoft released their latest Windows operating system Windows 7, a lot of people jumped out and grabbed a copy for their computer, upgrading their years-old Windows XP or updating from their crappy version of Windows Vista. Windows 7 operating system was viewed as very promising. It was considered as the best operating system yet since Windows XP. Windows 7 testers proved that the new operating was faster, sleek, clean and efficient. It changes the way users feel about their computing experience. The new operating system was packed with new and amazing features that any previous Windows operating system users wouldn’t want to miss out. Windows 7 has been very well reviewed, and most techie-sites are happy with the new release especially when it is compared to the Windows Vista. Continue reading

A Little Known Way to Optimize Your PC: Just Move It!

Did you know that just choosing the right location for your computer can make it perform faster and better? Moving the computer to a place in your home or office that can maximize its functionality and performance is a good thing to optimize it. But how do you know where to put it? Where’s the best place to move your computer? This article will show you some simple truths about how your computer location can affect the way the computer performs and how to optimize its performance just by moving it to a better place. Computers are just like humans. They need to be well groomed and pampered to be able to work and respond better. A dirty computer will not function properly just like a person who have not taken two meals in a day. The computer needs to be at the right place to work better and last longer. Continue reading

A Five Minute Trick to Optimize Windows

Ever wonder how to improve speed and overall performance of your computer? Having a computer doesn’t just mean that you’ll just have to use it. It also means that you have to maintain the system for a good performing computer. This article will tell you some tricks on how to optimize your current Windows operating system for a better performance. Continue reading

Anyone Can Install New Drivers without Fear or Worry

Oftentimes, when you buy a new hardware device for your computer, it comes along with a device driver disc. If you lose the disc, you can always download the same copy from the web to be installed in your computer. Device drivers may be small programs for the computer but their importance is so big that they play a huge role as to how the computer functions as a whole machine. Drivers are programs that are intended to control the hardware components in the computer. They serve as the communication line between the central processing unit and the device that is attached to the computer. Continue reading

File Extensions and What Are They?

Every computer files have a particular or specific characteristic that depends on the program that was used to create them. They are called computer file but widely known as the file extensions. File extension is one way of tagging the name of files so you and the computer can keep records and track what they contain. They have characteristics that depend on the program or software that created them and they are placed in the last part of the file name, like a suffix. When you try to open a file using the wrong type of application or program that it was intended to open, the file fails to open and may sometimes even crash. The last part of the file name is the file extension and it is what is used to identify and indicate the type of file so the computer can run the correct type of program when you want to use the file. Continue reading

Finding Drivers Can be More Dangerous than You Think

As you already know, device drivers are very necessary part of the Windows operating system regardless of what version you have in your computer. The drivers are the ones that allow users to control, manipulate and manage the devices connected to the computer system. The device drivers open the communication line between the user and the computer for optimum performance. If the drivers are correctly installed are always updated, your device will function at its full potential. The operating system will run smoothly and computer problems or errors should not surface. However, if the wrong device driver was installed, problems will rise. Continue reading

The Secret to Opening Stuck Files

Isn’t it annoying to get error messages from your computer that you don’t have the knowledge how to fix it? Have you ever wondered how to get past stuck files and continue working? Getting error messages on the screen is a big problem for some of the computer users all over the world. In this page, we will all learn how to deal with error messages about stuck files. Some examples of stuck file error messages include but are not limited to “The file is in use by another program or user” and “Cannot remove folder: It is used by another person or program”. Continue reading

Clean Your PC by Emptying Temporary Files

Whenever you create a file, document, view web pages online and check some online shops, information about your activity and copies of files created are saved and stored in your computer for future references. Whether you are just checking something online, creating a document for your presentation at work or reading news online, those little pieces of information are remembered by the computer. These kinds of data are stored in a location on your browser and also on a specific folder in your computer called the Temporary Folder. Generally, there is no reason for the users to get worried about these files as they are just temporary. However, what if sometime sooner you will have to decide to sell your computer to a stranger because you got a new one for yourself or that there are many people who allowed accessing your computer at your home? All those information saved by the computer about your activities online will then be open and traceable. Continue reading