Improve Computer Load Times by Easily Editing Startup Items

Are you having a computer that takes a long time to be able to be used when turned on? Have you ever tried to turn on your machine and it took more than 10 minutes to load up and you’re in a hurry? Do you have a  computer that, when it was new it loads up so fast you don’t have any problems with it, but after a year or so it becomes slower even if you have bought the latest, most updated anti-virus and anti-malware program there is in the internet? If your answer is yes, then you could probably have too much startup items that aren’t needed but is running whenever you turn your computer on. This article can, in one way or another, help you boost up computer’s load times by editing the startup items. Continue reading

Is It Time to Upgrade Your PC? Read This and Be Sure!

There are many reasons why your computer is running slow. It is often caused by virus and malwares or sometimes the computer system got too many things to run and maintain running on a daily basis. Maintaining your computer is one of computer’s least favorite parts of computer ownership. Nobody enjoys spending their time in mundane tasks of scanning and updating their computer, defragging, backing up important files, and various duties to make the computer function the way it is supposed to. This article will help you determine if you need to upgrade your computer or just maintain it properly to boost up its computing performance.

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Shell Extensions, A Little Known but Important Part of Your PC

How well do you know your computer? Are you a tech savvy and basically know all the components of the computer or are you just like everyone else, working on the computer but doesn’t know much about how it functions? There are lots of very important components in a computer that many users are not aware of their existence. Although there are plenty of computer parts known to almost everyone that are not very important, a lot of important keys for a fully functional computer system are unknown to everyone. One of these computer system components is the Windows Shell and its extensions. Continue reading

Old, Unsupported Files. Is there any Way to Open Them?

In the computer world, every data is saved as a file in a format of the file name and its extension. File extensions or file types are the suffixes found at the end of every filename that indicates or tells the computer what kind of file it is. For instance, the computer can tell that the file is a photo when it is saved as kitten.jpg and it is a text document if it is saved as filemane.txt and will launch a program that can open this kind of file like Adobe Photoshop for the photo and Notepad for the text file if the file is double-clicked. Knowing file extensions or file types can be helpful. However, there are certain file types that are now obsolete and cannot be opened by the newer versions of Windows operating systems. The old file extensions are no longer supported by the operating system rendering the file invalid or unsupported and cannot be opened. Continue reading

Don’t Let Sidebars Slow You Down

When your computer is running on operating systems like Windows Vista or Windows 7, it contains features called Windows Sidebar and Gadgets that can be found on the side of the desktop. Then Windows Desktop Gadget, commonly known as Windows sidebar in Windows Vista, is an engine for widgets for Microsoft. It was first introduced in Microsoft Vista operating system, embedded with the operating system itself. It features a sidebar located at the side of the desktop. The gadgets, which are the widgets in the operating system, can perform many different jobs like displaying the battery meter or the CPU’s current usage. Continue reading