Installing Drivers for Optimizing Windows

We usually have to reinstall Windows after every six months or so just for the sake of improving the performance of operating systems. Pirated Copies of Windows create frequent problem for users as they get infected with malicious software and Trojans that affect overall performance of the system. For that reason, methods should be adopted so as to avoid these problems in the future and to elevate the performance of the operating system as a whole. This article will give the users a walkthrough of installing software and keeping them up to date.


Getting rid of an un-licensed Windows copy

The first step of any user should be to un-install the pirated version of Windows from the computer and install a genuine copy. For this purpose, a user can access Microsoft’s website for downloading the original version. Most university students are given a Microsoft ID these days for downloading Windows 7 directly on their computers free of cost.


Installing drivers

After a user has installed a fresh copy of genuine Windows, it is time to install the different drivers and softwares that will be needed. Some drivers are optional whereas, others are mandatory softwares that are linked to the Windows’s requirements, and need to be installed.

Install the sound and display drivers for Windows 7 and restart the computer as you do.

Install other software like the Microsoft Office. The computer will be restarted occasionally. It is important to keep in mind that a user puts his or her name in the credentials tab of the Windows and Microsoft Office. Next in line is the installation of a genuine copy of an Antivirus software that can receive regular updates from the server.

After a user has finished installing the software, it is now time to update them. Turn off Windows firewall for the programs that you want to update. This can be done by double clicking on the Control Panel typing ‘firewall’ in the search bar. Turn off the general windows firewall by unchecking the green icon. Now, proceed towards the programs tab to turn off firewall for the programs individually. Uncheck the options one by one and restart the computer. You are now ready to install updates for the programs.

Adding Controllers and Printers to Optimize the Work Performance

Adding devices whether they are printer or controllers can prove to be beneficial for us in their own ways. Being pragmatic, a gaming controller would enable us in improving stats and scores in a particular game. By the same token, adding a fax or a printer would create a work to life balance and enable a user to multi-task in our busy world. As a result, more output is produced for an organization with individual efforts directed towards separate tasks leading to job specialization. We have more computers at homes than at offices, which can be attributed to the fact that office life is made easier through cloud computing and users can access data sitting at home, in any corner of the world.

Adding printers and other devices

Adding a printer to an office inventory relieves us from buying separate printers for all the tables as this printer can be used over a modem (LAN) connection. Costs and redundancies are considerably reduced which enables us to do something more productive. Through windows, three or more users can access a single printer through a ‘one click’ operation. It is accomplished by adding an ordinary printer as a ‘Network Printer’.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Connect a printer to a single computer. It should be installed on the office network.
  2. Find the computer name by double clicking on the System Properties icon in Control Panel and navigate to the Computer Name Tab. A user can find the Network ID of the computer and he or she has the choice to change or rename the ID.
  3. Double click on the Control Panel icon again and enable Printer Sharing. Right click on the printer icon and choose Printer Sharing.
  4. Create a name for the printer and share it over the network.


More importantly, you should cross check that all other printers have the same name appearing in the Printer Settings menu and run a quick print test from all the connected computers. Printer manufacturing giants like HP are also developing wireless printers that require no cables, and any device can connect to them through Bluetooth. In the same way, a user can add plug and play controllers by installing drivers from the software installation CD. A controller needs to be calibrated through ‘Gaming Controllers’ icon in the Control Panel menu. Click on Calibrate and adjust the trim, forward, backward, and yaw settings of the controller at least three times to let the changes take effect.


Four Good Reasons to Update Your Drivers Today

Oftentimes, you may wonder how exactly a computer controls other devices connected to it and how it runs them properly. The answer is just simple. The computer communicates with the device to send commands through a device driver. A driver is a program or software that allows the computer to take control and communicate with an external device. Some drivers come with the operating system already like the device driver for the keyboard and default mouse. But for others, commonly external device that are connected to the computer, like the sound system or speakers, printer and web camera needs a specific driver for them to be accepted by the computer and for them to function properly. Continue reading

Fix Hardware Problems by Updating Drivers!

Are you having problems with the device connected to your computer? Does the attached camera in your computer not functioning properly? Were you having trouble regarding the use of some of the accessories you have connected in your computer system? If your answer is yes even to one of the questions above, then you might be having problems because the drivers for your devices are not updated. Having blue screens are generally caused by outdated drivers too. Hardware problems of your devices may also be caused by having faulty or outdated drivers. Having outdated drivers can cause plenty of trouble for your computer. It can make the computer crash or freeze or you may receive messages on your screen that the device you have is having a hardware problem and cannot be fixed. Continue reading

Update device drivers to enhance the performance of your PC

There are many devices in your computer system and all these devices generally interact with each other through different software programs known as drivers. Various devices like printers, scanners, keyboards, USB drives, mouse, and cameras can function efficiently if your drivers are updated. Also, your computer will be useless and will not function properly if the right drivers are not installed. This is mainly because various manufacturers update the drivers on a regular basis and thus you also need to update your device drivers in order to ensure smooth performance of your PC. Continue reading

Update drivers to keep your PC efficient and healthy

The efficiency of your computer must be high so that it can help you to achieve the targets. You have different parameters to check while you are actually looking for the ways for improving the performance of your PC. To enhance the performance of your PC, the first and foremost thing you need to do is scan the computer or laptop to check for some unwanted file or any virus that can hamper your PC’s performance. Thus, it is quite essential to update the antivirus which can help to tackle any kind of virus and also keep the system safe. Also, few people do not bother to update the computer drivers on regular basis. Like the window updates, it’s quite essential to update the drivers periodically. The drivers are quite an essential part of the windows system and thus influence the performance of your PC. Continue reading

Update the drivers of your dell computer quickly

Up-to-date drivers are vital for your dell computer to function properly. A driver is basically a miniature program which acts as a translator revising the output of a device into another language which the other device could understand. For instance, your mouse, keyboard, sound card, monitor, video cards etc all need drivers to run correctly. Just ensuring that all your PC drivers are working the way they should, can proffer you an array of benefits such as enabling your PC to run faster, adding loads of features to the existing equipment etc. In fact, a device driver can also enable hardware to become attuned with a completely new OS. Continue reading

Update your Dell laptop drivers for an optimal performance

Drivers are very important for any system, whether you own a laptop or a desktop PC. In case you own one of the Dell laptops, then you might want to know about how you can keep your laptop performing optimally and that too without spending too much time or efforts. The key is to keep updating the drivers of your laptop as they are integral for uninterrupted performance and fully functioning programs. There are multiple ways, by which people update their system drivers. You can either do it manually and for that you need to spend a good amount of time online in order to find and download the right driver. Or you can opt for easy to use software for updating the drivers automatically. Continue reading

Update your PC drivers with drivers update software

As a computer owner, you need to make sure that the various devices, connected to your PC are operating properly and also the drivers are periodically updated. Besides, experiencing sluggish performance, the computer will face many other problems like start up issues, loch ups, and your PC can even crash if you do not have the right drivers updated and installed. There is no way you can expect your PC to function to its maximum potential if you don’t update the drivers consistently. Also, updating the drivers is not a tough task as various options are available which you can use to update your PCs drivers conveniently. Continue reading

How to Find Windows 7 Drivers

Microsoft has evolved their systems in the last few years, making the Windows 7 its latest and most advanced operating system in the world of personal computers. Unlike Windows Vista who brought new features in it which was released before the Windows 7, the Windows 7 was created with the intention of being focused and being compatible with the applications and components that the Windows Vista was compatible already. The Windows 7 has with new features embedded with it such as the advances in handwriting recognition and touch, supports for virtual hard drive improved performance on both multi-core processors and boot performance. The interface of the operating system dramatically improved in Windows 7 with the ability to pin applications to the taskbar and the taskbar itself also permits reordering of the taskbar buttons. The Windows 7 was created as a faster operating system with improved functionality and personalized touch. Continue reading