What Goes On When You Start Your Computer?

What really happens when you turn on your computer? This article will explain to you step by step the things that consequently happen when power is allowed to enter the computer system. When power is first applied to the machine as the turning on of the computer, it all starts with the passing of electricity to the motherboard and the Basic Input/output System – the component that controls how devices in the computer communicate with each other. As the power passes through all of the other computer system hardware, The BIOS checks up on each of these parts to verify that each is physically able to relay and receive communication to and from other computer parts properly, among a few other basic tests. Continue reading

A Five Minute Trick to Optimize Windows

Ever wonder how to improve speed and overall performance of your computer? Having a computer doesn’t just mean that you’ll just have to use it. It also means that you have to maintain the system for a good performing computer. This article will tell you some tricks on how to optimize your current Windows operating system for a better performance. Continue reading