Increasing the Boot Speed of Windows

There are lots of ways to optimize your Windows experience, and most of them include general tips and tricks that anyone can execute but a lot of people ignore them. This can be attributed to the fact that users realize it later on that there is always a need to ‘maintain’ the system because it extends the life of Windows. For this purpose, this article will focus on simple tips and tricks that will aid the users in optimizing their Windows experience in particular. Because you have to roll on the top to stay with the top.

Windows Vista had many flaws and the prime one included a very late boot time, which meant that people had to wait for several minutes before they could actually start using their computers. These flaws have somewhat been removed in Windows 7 and on top of that, Microsoft has also made the operating system resistant (up to a certain limit) to viruses and malwares. Following adjustments will help users in enhancing their daily experience of Windows.

The first point that a user should keep in mind is to know his or her computer i.e. the specifications. This is important because Microsoft has not designed Windows to run on most of the modern computers, which include some budget ones that cannot handle huge workloads. It means that you have to adjust the display settings according to the system specifications and not the Window’s features. This can be achieved by double clicking on the Control Panel icon in My Computer or by simply typing Display and Settings on the search bar located at the top right corner of the screen. There is an option in the Display Settings by the name ‘Adjust to Meet the Computer’s performance’ which needs to be checked.

The second task should be to increase the boot up speed of the system; specifically, the start up time of Windows. This can be done by clicking on the start up menu and typing ‘boot’ followed by setting the operating time to three seconds from the preset 30 seconds.

Lastly, the user should remove all redundant loads off the computer by clicking on System Tools and selecting the Defrag and Disk Clean Up option that will clear all the Temporary Files, browsing data, cookies, and caches that reduce processing speeds.


Explore the best way to improve your PC’s performance

Getting the maximum advantage and high performance from the computer is definitely not so easy when the computer is moving at lethargic pace. There may be different reasons for the slow performance of your PC but the major reason is the outdated or corrupted drivers. Drivers are the software which allows interaction between the OS of your computer and the hardware devices. These actually serve as the medium between the operating system of your PC and the hardware devices. This means that the drivers filter each and every command which you make to your PC before it responds to you. Thus, these mediators in this technology world are extremely important which every user needs to have. If you are having outdated or corrupted drivers, then these can considerably affect the functioning of your PC and you cannot bring the maximum performance out of it. All this implies that the drivers are the must- haves.

It is always advisable that you check for the updates regularly to fix or install updated drivers in order to achieve better performance and faster speed. Your hardware devices like mouse, keyboard, USB, display drivers, video card simply can’t work without correct drivers. Also, you can do the updates manually as well as automatically. For this, you can browse the site of the manufacturer or can use a system optimizer which can scan your PC for any outdated or missing drivers. Also, if you update the drivers manually, then this will take significant time to identify and fix outdated or corrupt drivers in the computer. So, the best way is to use drivers updating software which can automatically update or fix the outdated drivers in your PC. This is the most efficient and safe way to get the right drivers for the hardware devices and boost your PC’s performance.

The drivers updating software or the driver scanners first find out latest versions on the World Wide Web and then update the drivers of your PC automatically. The driver scanners also delete the outdated and old files from outdated drivers in order to avoid clumping which can result in slow performance of your PC. Drivers updating software is actually a valuable technology advancement which offers great ease and convenience to the computer users. The software saves the users from tedious task of updating all the drivers manually. This means, you can save significant time and can leave all updating works to this updating software and the best part is that they do this automatically and instantly.


Secure Email – Optimize the Program Experience in Windows

Most users are reluctant to use Microsoft Outlook and similar other Microsoft related messenger as well as email platforms, as they were reported previously for being virus and malware carriers, infecting the entire mailbox. These malicious emails were sent to other mail users in the contact list and their mailboxes were infected upon opening of these emails. Having switched to BBMs, people are now concerned about their privacy, and have stopped using emails for the sake of preventing their personal information and documents being accessed by others.

AOL and Gmail have installed state of the art software programs that filter out all possible spams and malicious emails that can infect a user’s mailbox. These companies have also installed virus protection and security measures to prevent the privacy of individuals from being compromised. Several ID protection services in collaboration with Norton and AVG have been installed, along with identification confirmation upon two wrong password entries. In addition, two email addresses are linked together for verification purposes. Even with these security measure that are being taken by email giants like Google, Hotmail, and AOL, cyber crimes are continually increasing in the US and other countries throughout the world.

You (as an email user) can take the following precautions to prevent your personal belongings from being compromised.

Activate the spam filter technology if you are using AOL, Hotmail, or Google Mail. This feature can be activated by clicking on the spam folder and clicking on the Filter Spam icon.

A user can also activate the Identity protection feature before logging in. The log in page contains information on this feature that takes no more than six clicks (and some forms) to activate.

Link two personal email addresses together. This can be done by creating a back up (reset information) email when you sign up for an account. Most email service providers continually circulate messages that contain an alternate email bar.

Change the password every month by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ on the email home screen.

Do not open email from an un-identified source, especially the ones that are related to financial incentives.

Avoid sending an email that contains your personal data or information to an un-identified user, in order to prevent breach of personal information.

Rearranging icons on the Start Menu and Home Screen for a Quick Launch Access

Newer versions of Windows have been equipped with some state of the art upgrades for managing and relocating icons and administrative tools. Administrative tools come in handy during the management of disk drives and their partition space selection, managing the firewall settings, and other program operations. Rearranging icons according to their particular use and needs can most certainly optimize the windows experience of a user.


Locating the Administrative Tools section

A user can have access to the Administrative tools through the ‘Security’ icon in the Control Panel. This method is used in windows XP; however, you can have access to these tools by typing Administrative Tools in the search bar of My Computer, Control Panel, and even the Start Menu in newer versions of windows.


Setting up the Administrative Tools option on the Start Menu

Adding a link of Administrative Tools to the Home menu is simple. Right click on the task bar (select and empty section) and click on Start Menu option. Click on the customize start menu option and select the Administrative tools. The properties for the Administrative Tools are located at the end of the Customize Start Menu section with three options for the tools. A user needs to select the last option namely, ‘do not display this item’ and click on OK, to verify settings.

Now, click on the Start Menu and locate Administrative tools at the bottom right section (just above the shutdown icon) with all the options like Windows Firewall settings, Task Scheduler, System Configuration. The good part is that you will not be required to access these tools in the Control Panel as a hot key has been created in the Administrative Tools section of the Start Menu.

Administrative Tools are also used to locate the IP address of a particular computer that is attached to a printer in an office. This way, a user can set up multiple computers in an office by creating a Home Network of all the computers that need to be connected to this computer. In this day and age, Admin Tools are also used to connect to a wireless printer or fax machine.

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Update device drivers to enhance the performance of your PC

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