Get a Faster Computer in Five Minutes Flat!

In the computer world nowadays, one of the things on every user’s top priority list is having a fast computer. Fast computer usually comes from great computer specifications. Top on the line processors, good video and sound cards, huge RAM, super branded motherboards and so on is the common ground for having a nice and speedy computer system. But if you already have a computer but doesn’t have that much in specifications, the computer doesn’t have to mean it’s slow. Sometimes any computer can be fast like those customized ones. You just have to know the basics in how to make your computer faster.

When using a computer, never open as many programs as possible. It is less than 50 percent that you can manage to use every program that you have opened at one time. Running a program requires memory usage from you RAM and also a work for your processor, so if you run multiple programs at the same time, your computer’s speed slows down to compensate for the programs it is running simultaneously. The computer’s performance lies on managing which programs to open use and properly closing the applications after using.

Another good way of getting a faster computer is by simply taking out and cleaning your computer of all junk files that has accumulated in it. Junk files are temporary files that are created by the computer as a backup for the files you have been working on. Also, junk files are that information you have entered in your computer and browser such as internet history, saved cookies, login information and keywords and so on. These internet files can accumulate over time on your web browser and it will then affect the computer’s internet and browsing speed due to the memory the junk files are using. Junk files also take up a lot of space which you can use for other important files. So clean your computer of these temporary files so that your computer will work faster than before. Delete those files in the temp folder, delete the entire internet history and cookies and you will then notice a speed boost.

Some computer users take for granted the importance of cleaning up the registry. This is one of the most common yet very effective ways of getting a faster computer. As you can see, the registry is the prime storage of all the information about windows configuration setting and installed programs in your computer. The registry is a series of data arranged in a way that the computer can easily access each saved entry for the computer’s perusal. Over time, little bits of unwanted information are left in the registry whenever a system configuration is changed or a program in uninstalled. This debris of faulty keys will gather up and use space even if it is unused and unnecessary already. Once these files are stored longer in the registry, it can damage the registry eventually and corrupt other computer files causing the computer to be slow. Cleaning up the registry often saves you from this kind of computer problems and boost up the computer’s speed because the computer can access information on the registry without the clutter blocking it. By doing these steps, any user can boost up computer speed and this can be done in just five minutes.


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Compatibility: Windows 8, 7,Vista, XP, ME, 2000 (32/64)