How to Improve the Performance of Your Browser

Let’s face it: websites aren’t loading as fast at you’d like. Fortunately, there’s lots you can do to improve your web browser’s performance to make your internet surfing experience faster and more fun. Your browser depends on many different interacting software and hardware operations to run as smoothly as possible. Continue reading

More Simple Changes to Speed up Windows

There are plenty of different methods that one can do to improve their computers overall performance and speed, and to save more resources with regards to the computers CPU or the processor and RAM. So this article is intended to give you more solutions on how to change your computer to speed up Windows. One of these methods is the turning off of the computer’s indexing service in Windows.

For many advanced users, indexing is one of the services run by the processor that is not necessary and can be stopped without affecting the computer systems stability or speed performance. The main purpose of indexing is to help you find the files you are searching for faster in your computer. To stop the Indexing service, you should open up the Services box of windows, just click start and type in Services and the Services will show up. Locate the Indexing Service and click to stop it. That way, the computer can use the resources that service is using to improve performance for a speedy computer. Continue reading