The Dangers of Bit Torrent and File Sharing

Have tried to get movies and stuff from the internet and then realized that the downloaded data are just crap and is not the real file that you wanted all along? Have you ever experienced downloading a video and when you tried to watch it just showed you an old piece of movie that was in a different language and is not at all related to the title? Those are just two of the possible things that can happen when using Bit Torrent or file sharing. One of the hyped and widely used methods of file sharing over the web is the use of Bit Torrent.

Bit Torrent is a set of instructions and description of how to do stuff called protocol permitting people to download and upload bits of the same file bit by bit at the same time. The bit torrent or torrent is often used to distribute or transfer huge files, popular contents and files that are available for free because it is a lot cheaper, faster and more effective in distributing files than just an ordinary download from a website. You can transfer and download whole full version software, movies, music and other documents over the web in just hours!

It is a nice internet feature, yes, but it also carries a great risk of your computer getting huge amounts of viruses and other malicious software that are hosted in sites that cater P2P file sharing. Downloading data and files using Bit Torrent is dangerous because you may never know that the file you are downloading is not the real file but a bunch of malwares waiting for you to open after the download. Some people who upload make it a habit of doing pranks to other unsuspecting users by uploading junk files and scare-ware. These types of computer viruses and other malware will eventually ruin your computer in a short period if you’re not careful. Some files called key-loggers may also find their way to your computer via Bit Torrent downloads. Key-loggers are a type of monitoring software that is covert in tracking a user’s keystroke thus not letting the user know that he is being monitored. Also, adware and other marketing software strategies may install by itself to the computer once you open the file you have downloaded.

In order to protect yourself from ever having problems like that, always make sure that the computer you have is protected by a strong anti-virus and anti malware. It is always better to prevent virus to enter than to find ways to eradicate them. File sharing is a great tool for getting movies online but not only is it illegal, it also opens up to great possibility of having your computer perform slow and catch spyware and other malware. If you really want to use Bit Torrent for file sharing and downloads, just be careful in getting the files and go get them from websites that are trusted by many users online for a long time.


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