The Only Thing Slowing Down your Computer is you!

One of the top things in a computer users top priority list is having a fast computer. In times like this, a fast performing computer comes in handy but some people just don’t know how to use the computer properly thus making the computer slow. Yes, the only thing that is slowing your computer down is you. There are plenty of common mistakes that computer users commit without even knowing that they’re doing things wrong. In this article, we’re going to tackle the things that could be done to prevent a computer to work slowly.

Multitasking is one of the many features a computer has to offer. It makes users do more jobs and helps them do the jobs faster. Multitasking is a great tool if done properly. If you are one of those users that open many programs as possible in just one sitting, then you are one of those that don’t quite follow the proper way of multitasking on a computer. You see, when you open up too many programs in a computer, the computer’s capacity to do things faster is being lessened by the fact that it has to keep up other programs running simultaneously. Running a program in a computer uses memory and the processor so running a bunch of programs will take up larger part of the memory and will also take longer time to process the task, making the computer perform slower.

Also, downloading things from the internet can also lead to a slow computer if you are not careful about things you download. Visiting dangerous websites can also lead to a virus infection to your computer. There are thousands of dangerous files splayed over the web that contain virus and other malicious software that could enter your computer. Downloading dangerous files like programs you are not much knowledgeable about or clicking a popup link that says something good about anything are just a couple of instances on how dangerous files could enter your computer. These files, if installed, will cause damage and will corrupt the computer system and will multiply from one program to the other, causing your computer to be so slow it will lead to computer crashes. Always be careful of the sites that you visit and the programs you download. Scan your computer often for malware infection. In doing this, you protect your computer against malware and prevent those nasty programs to infect your computer.

Another way that slows a computer greatly is by forcing it to do something while it is thinking. A computer thinks when you give it a task. Thinking is how a computer gets the job done. Once you give the computer a task to do and it takes time to finish it, you just have to wait for it to be through. Clicking a program again and again just because it didn’t come up yet won’t make your computer work faster. In fact, it will slow your computer down more than it already is. The computer will think that you need to open more than just one program and will run all the programs you have clicked while trying to load the first application you opened resulting into a super slow performance. A program needs to load when you click it so just wait until it is running before clicking something else.

Another mistake is when you do not update Windows. Windows updates are very important for your operating system because they are intended to upgrade the Windows security capabilities and features. If the users ignored updates, they are opening doors for virus attack and slow computer performance. If you are wise, you will update your Windows every time an update is available.


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Compatibility: Windows 8, 7,Vista, XP, ME, 2000 (32/64)