Improving the Windows Gaming Experience

With the advent of wild processing speeds, the gaming experience has assuredly improved on windows. Every day, new gaming cards, like NVIDIA and ATI Systems, surface the desktop computer market but still some people complain about their computers falling short of the expected performance. It can be attributed to the fact that games sometimes take too much space then one would expect, particularly when they have to be unzipped. This calls for improving the gaming experience by making necessary adjustments in Windows for smoothly operating a game.

From time to time, it is best to take both the external and internal factors into account throughout the search of a solution. The external factors that a person can take into account can be a regular power loss resulting in repeated system reboots, which should be minimized by installing an alternate power source.

The first step involves clearing up the PC of any malicious software or viruses that can potentially damage the computer. Use the Microsoft Security Essentials for the removal of viruses, malwares, or even Trojans.

Turn off all Automatic Updates for the computer. It can be done by clicking on the red balloon and unchecking the automatic updates option. Instead, a user can turn off updates through the Automatic Updates icon in the Control Panel. Turning off the updates is essential, as some users have reported automatic system restart during the course of their gaming session.

Then, put the installation disk in the computer and follow the instructions. Restart the computer upon successful installation of a game and give the computer at least five minutes before you can start playing. Double click on the desktop shortcut icon and navigate to the settings page. Locate the Screen Preferences search bar and reduce the resolution of the monitor without changing the graphics settings.

Apply the settings and navigate out of the game. Press the “shift” button on the keyboard, five times, and the sticky keys option will appear, which is important for players, especially those who are not using a joypad or other gaming controller. Set which keys you use and like for instance GTA San Andreas and some first person shooter games like the Call of Duty series require an extensive use of keys like Shift, Control, and Q. Several other keys might get pressed simultaneously during a gaming session which means that the session will minimize and the user will be redirected to the Stick Keys home page.