How to Speed Up Your Browser by Increasing the Speed of Your Computer

One of the easiest ways to speed up your browser and surf the internet faster is to upgrade your computer’s RAM, or Random Access Memory, which your browser needs to run fast. Keep your computer’s RAM up to date for the newest applications and most recent versions of your browser by periodically upgrading it with superior components. Eventually your computer’s other parts will wear out and become obsolete as well, and that’s the time to replace your entire system.


Check Your RAM

You can check your computer’s RAM capabilities in different ways depending on your computer’s operating system. If you’re using Windows, you can see the numbers on your computer’s RAM in the System section of the Control Panel. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up the Task Manager, which shows you how the RAM is currently being used. The Task Manager’s Performance tab does a graph of your present memory resources. On a Mac OS operating system, the Activity Monitor’s System Memory tab does something similar. Third-party software can also be used to check your RAM, and it can also help manage it for you by closing computer programs you aren’t using if you set it to do so. Additionally, you can free up RAM by manually closing programs you’re not using, by avoiding use of programs that require too much memory or by avoiding running too many programs at the same time. You can only do this so much until you reach a point when you need more RAM, however.


Add More RAM

Add more RAM to your computer’s motherboard, or circuit board. This can mean adding more sticks of RAM to the board, replacing sticks that are malfunctioning or obsolete or upgrading to sticks of RAM with more memory. However, your motherboard will only allow so many spaces for sticks of RAM and only so much memory, and when it runs out you’ll need a new computer for further upgrading. Still, you can probably do a lot in terms of RAM for the computer you have for the time being. Different types of memory exist, so check your computer’s user manual to make certain you get the right kind. There may be a lot of room in your computer for more memory.


Add More Disk Space

So what do you do if you’ve maxed out your computer’s RAM, but it’s not time for a whole new computer yet, and you’re still having trouble with your web browser speed? The next step is to upgrade your hard disk by adding more disk space, which is the measure of your computer’s data storage capacity. This is also where your computer draws from if it runs out of RAM but it still needs more memory, so upgrading it will make your internet browsing experience faster on the margin. Hard disks need replacing over time for malfunctioning or obsolescence just as RAM does, and you can also add more disk space or an upgraded hard disk to your computer.